I’ve been dying to go to a futbol (soccer) game ever since that time I was in Buenos Aires and one of the local teams lost, causing them to drop to a lower division. The fans were so pissed that they attempted to lock the opposing team’s fans in the stadium and burn it to the ground. There were riots in the street all night and grown men were literally bawling their eyes out on live news.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for passionate people.

Visitors Guide: Camp Nou

While we were in Barcelona, Nick and I went to see a Barca game. One of the world’s best futbol teams in the world playing at their home stadium, Camp Nou.. it was a must-do on our itinerary. Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 99,354 people, making an FC Barcelona Match more of a city-wide holiday than a game. As our tour guide in Monserrat stated “Barcelona’s biggest sport is basketball and our religion is futbol.” She wasn’t lying.

Getting Tickets to an FC Barcelona Match

At Camp Nou, all the seats in the stadium are held by season ticket holders. For every home game, ticket holders decide whether to attend or give away their seats to the general public. As an incentive to free their seats, they receive 50% of the ticket sale price. Season ticket holders generally start releasing their seat apprx. 10-14 days before the match. We bought our tickets 2 days before the FC Barcelona match and by this time, there were very few seats together and the cheapest ticket options were sold out.

FC Barcelona Merch

Where to Purchase

Purchasing your tickets online through the official FC Barcelona website is the best option. The stadium accepts mobile tickets so you don’t even have to print them.

You can also purchase tickets in person at the Camp Nou box office, the tourist information office at Plaza Catalunya or any official FC Barcelona stores throughout Barcelona.

Buy Tickets on the FC Barcelona Website HERE


How to Get to Camp Nou Stadium

The quickest and easiest way to get to Camp Nou Stadium is by metro (green and blue lines). There will be hundreds/thousands of fans riding along with you so just follow the crowds when you exit and they’ll lead you straight to the stadium. Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

Metro Stops:

L3 Green Line

Les Corts (easiest access to gates 14-21)
Maria Cristina  (easiest access gates to gates 1-9)
Palau Reial: (easiest access to gates 4-15)

L5 Blue Line

Badal (easiest access to gates 16-21)
Collblanc (easiest access to gates 1-15)

The Game

During the game, there was a cheering section near the field that chanted the entire time. They were wild too… stomping around, waving flags and singing at the top of their lungs. It kept the crowd’s energy up and made the atmosphere really fun. For the most part though, the crowd was pretty quiet. Everyone was intently watching the game, but every so often, people would lose their shit. For example when the announcer mentioned Messi, everyone jumped to their feet to bow and sing to him.

We were about as high up as you can get at Camp Nou, but the birdseye view was really cool. From that high above the game, you can see just how in sync the players are with each other. It was incredible to watch. I’m not a big sports fan but even I was super engaged in what was going on.

A Note About the Beer…

While watching the game, we noticed very few people were drinking beer. It seemed unusual as alcohol and sporting events in the US seem to go hand in hand. We commented on how maybe FC Barcelona fans are so passionate about the sport that they don’t desire any enhancements.

Well… we did, so Nick ran down and bought two beers. There was one small concession stand on the entire upper level selling beers for 3.50 euro. No line! So cheap!

We later found out that Camp Nou doesn’t sell alcohol on match days and our pints were non-alcoholic. haha. They don’t tell you either, but somehow every person in stadium knew but us.

After the Game

When the match is over, 99,000 people will be exiting the stadium at the same time (hopefully Barcelona won so everyone is in a good mood!). It’s pure madness. We waited awhile for the stadium to clear out so that we didn’t have to push our way down the stairs. Unfortunately, this meant we were at the back of the line to get on the metro home. The line stretched out of the underground entrance and all the way to the street!

Les Corts is the metro stop most people will walk to, resulting in the longest lines. We made our way to Maria Cristina (the metro stop before Les Corts) and found ourselves walking straight onto a near-empty metro car.

Alternatively, you can find a bar or restaurant nearby and wait for the crowds to thin out.

FC Barcelona Game

Tips for Attending an FC Barcelona Match at Camp Nou

  • You don’t have to attend an FC Barcelona game in order to experience Camp Nou. The stadium offers behind the scenes tours on non-match days. Get a up an up close look at the opposing team’s locker rooms, the first team’s bench, the press room, and the museum among other VIP areas.
  • The stadium is open air, with many of the matches taking place late in the afternoon. Bring a jacket, especially if your seats are up high. The breeze is pretty strong in the nosebleed seats.
  • Certain games sell out much faster than others so buy your tickets for bigger matches in advance. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is the most popular game of the season.
  • Young children need their own ticket, even if they will be sitting on your lap. We watched a woman and an infant get denied entry because the baby didn’t have his own ticket.
  • There are a lot of stairs, especially if your seats are higher up. Be prepared to climb the stairs or walk up the ramps as there are no public elevators. Wheel chair accessible areas are available within the stadium but they require special reservations.
  • Give yourself enough time to get to Camp Nou. The crowds are intense and it takes longer than you’d imagine to make it to your seats. Once in the stadium,  you’ll see employees walking around that can help you find your seat if you get lost.
  • There are booths outside the stadium selling FC Barcelona merch. Pick something up to show allegiance to the home team.



Have you been to a match? Leave any tips you may have in the comments!