Vancouver Whale Watching Review // Everything you Need to Know

 Vancouver BC is considered to be one of the best whale watching locations in the entire world. We lucked out and happened to be visiting the city during the tail end of whale watching season, so of course this was at the top of our sightseeing priority list. The very thought of encountering Orcas in … Read more

The Top 10 Things to do in Vancouver BC for First Time Visitors

Canada has been at the top of my list of countries to visit for a long time and given its relatively close proximity to California, there’s no excuse that it has taken me this long. Last month, I finally got the opportunity travel here and Nick and I spent a week in Vancouver exploring.  Armed … Read more

20 Vancouver Pictures to Inspire Your Next Trip to Canada

The diversity of Vancouver’s landscapes surprised me. I thought I was traveling to a big metropolitan city and was not expecting to find as much nature and wildlife as I did in the short amount of time we spent in the city. My sister and I were sailing to Vancouver via cruise ship (she was … Read more

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