Waikiki Shoreline Hotel Review // Expectation vs Reality

When I was little, I went to the zoo and had a full blown meltdown when I discovered that only male peacocks had beautiful, colorful feathers.. while the girls were a very drab shade of brown. It was explained to me that they look this way so that they can attract females, which seemed ridiculous in … Read more

A Local’s Guide to Chinatown Honolulu // Restaurants, Bars & Shopping

Aside from the hordes of couples taking wedding photos beneath the lit up Hawaii Theater sign, a visit to Chinatown Honolulu is not usually on people’s list of things to do in Oahu.  The area’s longstanding reputation as being seedy and dangerous is slowly fading away thanks to the influx of award winning restaurants, art … Read more

Oahu’s Foster Botanical Garden // A Visitor’s Guide

My sister is a plant and wildlife scientist in Hawaii which means she is always sneaking tree visits onto our daily itineraries whenever I’m in town. On my most recent trip, we spent the afternoon exploring Foster Botanical Garden, the oldest botanical garden on Oahu featuring more than 10,000 species of rare, ancient and endangered … Read more

Kayaking to Mokulua Islands on Oahu // An In-Depth Guide

If you look past the white sand and crystal blue water of Lanikai beach, two twin islands lie in the distance. Mokulua Islands are an iconic part of Kailua’s epic views, but did you know that you can actually visit them? Keep reading for everything you need to know about kayaking to Mokulua Islands including … Read more

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