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europe, food & drink, krakow, poland

Polish Vodka Tasting at Wódka

We don’t have many beer gardens in the States so Nick and I have been spending our afternoons checking out different ones all around the cities we’ve been. In Krakow, things took a bit of a turn when we stumbled upon Wódka, a Polish vodka tasting bar near Old Town’s…

europe, food & drink, krakow, poland

Visiting a Traditional Polish Milk Bar

Bar Mlecznys, or Polish Milk Bars, are government subsidized cafeterias from Poland’s communist past. They were places where workers could get a hot, inexpensive meal after World War II. Often times, visits to the Milk Bars were covered in the worker’s wages. There are still a few Polish Milk Bars left…

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Rosendals Trädgård, Djurgården

Yesterday we spent the day walking around Djurgarden and experiencing what this unique island has to offer. A large part of the island is mainly forest with a bunch of walking trails throughout, so our plan was to cover the entire perimeter. In one area, we saw these three mushrooms growing out…

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Sunsets on the Seine

Our mission in Paris was to relax and just “be” in the city. I had visions of us sitting in cafés, and wandering around with no sense of time. However as soon as we touched down, an unintentional fire under lit under our asses and we hit the ground running….