British Open 2015: Here for the Beer

The customs line at the Edinburgh airport was surprisingly long and when we got to the front, the lady asked us if we too were here for golf. We didn’t know what she was talking about but since we’re the type to follow the action, we decided to find out.  Turns out The Open is happening at … Read more

Sunsets on the Seine

Our mission in Paris was to relax and just “be” in the city. I had visions of us sitting in cafés, and wandering around with no sense of time. However as soon as we touched down, an unintentional fire under lit under our asses and we hit the ground running. How could we be back … Read more

Carb Loading: My Favorite Things to Eat (and Drink) in Paris

Our Paris apartment is on the 7th floor with no elevator, which is only good for one reason: it allows us an extra chance to burn off some off the carbs we’ve eaten that day. When Nick and I reminisce about Paris, the topic of food comes up every.single.time. It’s just so good! We are not … Read more

On’s Thai Cooking Class

Today I earned my Thai food chef wings!! I found the cutest little vegetarian restaurant across the street from my guesthouse and the owner offers private cooking lessons for only 600 baht ($18.50)! For the class you are allowed to pick any three items from the menu, plus a delicious desert of mango sticky rice. … Read more

The Secret Ingredient in Jungle Beer

On the plane to Iquitos we read about Masato, or “jungle beer,” in our Amazon survival book. Apparently, when you visit a tribe, they will offer you this beverage which you must drink or it’s considered highly offensive. It’s ingredients are simple… just chewed manioc (yucca) fermented with the yeast from women’s saliva. “That’s disgusting! … Read more

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