We don’t have many beer gardens in the States so Nick and I have been spending our afternoons checking out different ones all around the cities we’ve been. In Krakow, things took a bit of a turn when we stumbled upon Wódka, a Polish vodka tasting bar near Old Town’s main square.

Wodka, Krakow

Wodka Vodka Bar | Krakow, Poland Wodka is a small bar with about 90 of flavors of vodka. You can order a 6 taster flight (which is basically 6 shots) for under $6. It’s dangerous.

The first night we went we stuck with average, every day flavors. The mint vodka tasted like toothpaste water. Hazelnut is their most popular flavor but we both hated it. There was also plum, raspberry, caramel, and our favorite, grapefruit.

Polish Vodka Tasting at Wodka

The next night we got a little bold and asked for the weird shit nobody wants. The bartender seemed excited about this. We tried a horseradish flavor, which it’s safe to say might be the worst tasting liquid on earth. He also pulled out chocolate chili, 24k gold, and porter which tasted like wine. To balance out the other flavors, we also picked fresh citrus and blackberry.

 24 karat gold vodka

Drinking this flight was tough. As opposed to the night before where we sipped and chatted, these needed to be consumed quick and painless. We took turns shooting them, each of us reaching for the next least offensive flavor. Horseradish was the last one remaining and we called a truce to leave it.


ul. Mikolajska 5

Krakow 31-027