Meet Sueca and Perla

Sueca and Perla are the island’s two howler monkeys. Sueca was brought to the island when she was a baby, with a broken tail, wrist and three worms in her neck. She had to spend two weeks in the hospital. Today, she is healthy and happy, and luckily her tail didn’t suffer permanent damage. We … Read more

Raking the Jungle Floor

One of our least favorite volunteer tasks on La Isla De Los Monos is raking leaves (they call it sweeping). When Davidson first explained the task, we thought he was kidding. Sweep the jungle floor? Funny. Turns out he wasn’t kidding. It takes two hours for four people to rake the entire perimeter of the … Read more

Meet Anita

We first met Anita in the kitchen, face planted in a bowl of soup. Anita loves food and a result, she’s a little chubby. She doesn’t have many friends on the island and prefers to play alone. Since she is still a baby, she’s a little clumsy and it’s funny to watch her run through … Read more

Pink Dolphins at Sunset

When the sun starts to make its descent in the Amazon, hundreds of dragonflies begin to dance. With a swirled, periwinkle and tangerine sky as their backdrop, they sway back and forth giving their last adieus to the setting sun. Last night was special. The day had been hot so there were no mosquitoes out; … Read more

Meet Melita

Melita, a Monk Saki,was the baby of the island before Neeko arrived earlier this week.. and she definitely plays the part. She needs to be attached to something (preferably you) at all times because she scares easily. Sometimes she plays by herself when we are sorting beans, but she always remains within in an arm’s … Read more

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