Meet Sueca and Perla

Sueca and Perla are the island’s two howler monkeys. Sueca was brought to the island when she was a baby, with a broken tail, wrist and three worms in her neck. She had to spend two weeks in the hospital. Today, she is healthy and happy, and luckily her tail didn’t suffer permanent damage. We call her the special one because there’s something not quite right with Sueca. She wears a creepy grin, grunts too much, is extremely clumsy and just overall a little bit strange.

Perla is Sueca’s adopted mother. She accepted her when Sueca came to the island and took her in as her own. Perla is a great mother.

The howlers are friendly but not overly friendly. They don’t interact much with people; only to eat and sometimes receive a few pets. They love to lounge spread-eagle in the sun and can be found on the roof at sunset hugging each other, trying to catch the last bit of daylight before night falls.

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