Not Your Grocery Store’s Noni

Last week, on our walk through the rainforest, we came across a beautiful, white fruit with green and yellow spots. I had never seen one before and asked Gilberto what it was. “Noni!” he exclaimed. No way! He has noni trees growing in his backyard, and I’m at home paying over $30 for a bottle … Read more

Meet Antony

Antony is a crazy three year-old spider monkey and he has the biggest personality on La Isla de Los Monos. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t see him lumbering through the trees and think “what is Antony up to now?!” He was the first monkey we met when our boat … Read more

A Hike into the Amazon

On Sunday, Gilberto took us on a walk through the rainforest!! His island is 430 acres but he only uses a very small clearing for his house and facilities. The rest, he says, is for the monkeys and other animals to live freely without being in danger. We were warned to cover up as the … Read more

Saving Neeko

Yesterday we took a trip across the river to a small village called Mazan to buy food and supplies for the monkeys. While we were in the marketplace of Mazan, Gilberto spotted some children running around with a baby woolly monkey clinging to their shirt. He stopped them to explain his project, asking if they … Read more

Bienvenidos a La Isla De Los Monos

After a 45 min speed boat ride up the Amazon river, you’ll arrive at La Isla De Los Monos (Monkey Island). A wooden sign with green and purple lettering welcomes you to the island, along with Anthony, the outgoing yellow bellied spider monkey who will grab your hand and guide you to the cottages. It’s … Read more

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