Meet Benjamin

Benjamin is Antony’s best friend. They grew up on the island together and are around the same age (3 years old). Even though they are different species, there is no diversity in their eyes. The spend all day rolling around in the dirt, playing and chasing each other. There is never a day when you … Read more

Antony’s Favorite Chicken

Earlier in the week, we noticed a chicken locked up in a coop which is unusual since all of the chickens run free on the island. This upset us, as we thought they were going to kill the chicken for food or send her to the market. We later found out that this is just Antony’s … Read more

Bad Beans

“Go through these and pick out the bad ones!” Gilberto says pointing to a pile of about 5,000 beans. These days we are amazing bean sorters. Each morning after breakfast we spend a few hours tirelessly going through what seems like endless Chiclayos (peruvian slang for whatever type of beans these are). The dry, shriveled … Read more

Meet Theresa and Dallas

Theresa and Dallas are two of the 6 Red Uakaris on the island. They are the only species that have to live in cages because of their aggressive behavior toward other monkeys, and each other. Our cottage over looks the Red Uakari’s cage, so naturally we have become best friends. They are some of the … Read more

Meet Carlos

Carlos is a little rough around the edges. He can be sweet, often taking your hand in his and playing with your fingers, but he mostly just wants to pull hair. As soon as you let your guard down, Carlos will leap toward your head and pull your hair with both of his fists.. and … Read more

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