A Fairytale French Chateau in Normandie // Chateau de Bouceel

Aside from a few day trips here and there, Nick and I have never traveled anywhere else in France, outside of Paris. So when planning our road trip this Summer through Brittany and Normandie, we wanted to make this trip as stereotypically French as we possibly could. And what better way to set that tone … Read more

Domaine Arvor // The Most Unique Luxury Glamping in France

From 18th century French chateaus to an adorable bed and breakfast, we booked some incredible hotels during our time in Brittany. But there was one place that stood out amongst the rest and has not only become our favorite place to stay in France, but maybe even our favorite place to stay.. ever.  Domaine Arvor … Read more

Fussen, Germany // 5 Things to Do in this Charming Romantic Road Town

Fussen is a charming Bavarian town at the end (or beginning.. depending on which way you’re driving) of the Romantic Road. Just about everyone passes through here on their way to Neuschwanstein Castle, but most don’t take the time to stop and see what it’s all about. Keep reading to discover 5 things to do … Read more

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