Visit Camp Nou Stadium: What to Expect at an FC Barcelona Match

FC Barcelona is one of the best futbol (soccer) teams in the world, and seeing them play at their home stadium, Camp Nou, was at the top of our list of things to do while visiting Barcelona. Camp Nou stadium is the largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 99,354 people, making a Barca match … Read more

Barri Gotic : A Guide to Exploring Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barri Gotic aka Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest and most historical neighborhoods in the city. In fact, some buildings and structures are still standing from the medieval and Roman times, dating back as far as 15B.C.  The area is lively and fun, and you could spend hours wandering through the narrow alleyways, getting … Read more

Schindler’s Factory Museum (Krakow, Poland) // A Visitor’s Guide

Oskar Schindler, an enamelware factory owner who saved over 1,200 Jews during WWII, is most well known thanks to the Academy Award winning film, Schindler’s List. Today, the infamous Schindler’s Factory is the site of a impactful Holocaust museum that is an important addition to any Krakow itinerary. Keep reading to discover what to expect … Read more

Cancale // A Guide to the Charming Oyster Town in Brittany, France

Situated along the coast in the Northwestern corner of France, you’ll find a picturesque little fishing village known as the oyster capital of the country. We visited Cancale on a day trip and the town was surprisingly quiet on a Saturday afternoon in July. It’s the epitome of sleepy seaside town, which ended up being … Read more

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