A Fairytale French Chateau in Normandie // Chateau de Bouceel

Aside from a few day trips here and there, Nick and I have never traveled anywhere else in France, outside of Paris. So when planning our road trip this Summer through Brittany and Normandie, we wanted to make this trip as stereotypically French as we possibly could. And what better way to set that tone than by resting our heads at night in an authentic French Chateau. 

Normandie Chateau near Mont Saint Michel

Chateau de Bouceel is an 18th Century chateau B&B in Normandie, conveniently located near the popular attraction, Mont Saint Michel. From our incredibly lavish room to the grandiose grounds, every second of our stay felt like a fairytale.

Keep reading to discover the most magical chateau in Normandie that ended up being one of our favorite stays in France. 


French Chateau


We booked 3 different chateaus on this trip and Chateau de Bouceel was hands down our favorite.

One of the things that set it apart from the others was that it’s still owned and operated by the original family. When we first checked in, we were greeted by the owner’s son who warmly welcomed us into his family’s home. 

B&B in Normandie

Chateau de Bouceel was built in 1763 and given to the Pigace family by the Duke of Normandy, Richard III. Over the next several hundred years, the family and the estate survived several wars and have a colorful history to tell. 

During the 100 Years War, 3 members of the Pigace family fought to defend Mont Saint Michel when under siege by the English.

During the French Revolution there was a battle on the property along with an attempt to burn the chateau down. 

During WWII, the owner’s father became a member of the French Resistance and was arrested by the gestapo inside of the chateau.

18th Century French Chateau

Today, the chateau is recognized as a historical monument and I highly recommend poking around for stories about the family’s history because it will give you an even deeper appreciation during your stay. 

Many of the TripAdvisor reviews for Chateau de Bouceel rave about the owner, Count Regis de Roquefeuil, and his love of storytelling. He must’ve been out of town during our stay, and I think we definitely missed out on some of the magic because of it. 


Chateau de Bouceel sits in the middle of a picture perfect English style garden, and when you drive onto the property it’s as if you’ve stepped back in time. 

It does not feel like a hotel stay at all, you truly feel as if you’re a guest in someone’s home. 


After checking in, we were led up a grand staircase to our room on the second floor.

Chateau de Bouceel has 5 different rooms on site: The Classic Room, The Superior Room, The Prestige Room, The Superior Suite and the Family Suite.

I booked the Prestige room and it ended up being the most expensive chateau we stayed in during our trip (the prices are still very reasonable for the quality) but we could not have been happier with the whole experience. 

Chateau de Bouceel Normandie

A soft pink canopy hangs over the king sized bed, and antique furniture and old paintings decorate the room. Large windows cover the entire back wall, reaching up toward the high ceilings. It felt like we were staying in a palace.

Even though everything is very old, it does not feel dusty or stale and the room is impeccably clean. 


My favorite part of the Prestige Room was the gigantic bathroom/powder room. 

The vanity of my dreams sits near the window, complete with a blue velvet tasseled ottoman. When you open the drawers, antique beauty products line the inside for an authentic and unexpected touch.

Tucked in the back corner you’ll find a porcelain, clawfoot tub as well as a shower complete with luxury toiletries. All of the features and fixtures in the bathroom were modern and new but styled to match the charm of the rest of the chateau. 

Chateau De Bouceel Bathroom


Our stay at Chateau de Bouceel unfortunately coincided with a Summer heatwave, where temperatures in the Bretagne and Normandie regions reached record highs.

Because the chateau is recognized as a historical monument, the owners are prohibited from modifying it in certain ways. For this reason, they do not have air conditioning. 

When we arrived, the curtains in our room were drawn and we were advised to keep them closed during our stay which was kind of put a damper on the overall atmosphere. Who wants to sit in a dark room, when the most beautiful views are taunting you from the other side of the curtain? 

Normandy Chateau

As soon as the afternoon hit, I opened up the curtains because I wanted the full experience. And if it meant sweating my ass off while looking out the window at some perfectly sculpted trees, so be it. 

With that said, the owners did a great job at taking care of their guests during the unexpected heat wave. They had an ice machine out for use (the first ice cubes we had seen in weeks ) and unlimited cold waters. 

The extra care and attention was very much appreciated because it actually was incredibly hot. 

Chateau in Normandy


If you book a stay at Chateau Bouceel, make sure to dedicate some time to walk around the property and explore.

There are tons of furry friends to discover, from donkeys to fluffy chickens plus a dog, a cat and a family of geese who reside on the pond.

Normandy Chateau
Chickens in Normandie

A 400 year old Sycamore tree shades the chateau while hydrangeas are scattered about, giving off the most gorgeous pops of color. 

My favorite memory from our entire trip was wandering around the grounds during golden hour and drinking wine on the little island overlooking the chateau. We were the only ones around and it felt like we were sitting in a painting. I will remember that moment forever. 

French Chateau in Normandie - Chateau de Bouceel

Toward the back of the chateau, you’ll find some cottages and the guest swimming pool. 

We unfortunately didn’t have enough time to use the pool as it closed at 7PM. A shame, given that it doesn’t get dark until after 10PM in France during the Summer. 

cheateau de bouceel pool

We would’ve loved if the pool hours were extended just a little as it would’ve been a perfect way to cool off during the heat wave. 


To the right of the dining room, you’ll find the library and billiard room.

I had to keep reminding myself that it was real because everything is so perfect, it seems like a movie set or a reproduction. 

French Chateau in Normandy

Near the entrance of Chateau de Bouceel you’ll find an honesty bar with bottles of wine, snacks and even pre-packed picnics.

This came in handy for us in the afternoon when we ran out of wine. There is not much around, especially late at night so being able to purchase a few things from the chateau was super convenient. 

chateau in normandie

In addition to the rooms within the main house,  Chateau de Bouceel also offers 3 freestanding cottages which are perfect for families or larger groups.

The cottages used to be the site of the chateau’s old bakery as well as the guest stables, but they have been renovated and transformed into perfect little holiday homes. 


If you book a room at Chateau de Bouceel, breakfast is included in the rate and served in the dining room.

You can choose from an array of different options from croissants and breads with jams, honey and Nutella. There is also yogurt, cereals a selection of cheeses, ham, nuts and fruit. 

chateau de bouceel dining room

Breakfast is served at one large formal dining room table which makes conversation with other guests nearly inevitable. If you are a people person, it’s a great way to get to know your fellow travelers.

For me and my anti-social tendencies, I don’t love this type of set up.. but the breakfast itself was very good 🙂 . 


In the afternoon, you have the option to partake in the a shared dinner experience that takes place in the chateau’s old farm. 

The dinner starts with appetizers by the fire while socializing with other guests before you move onto the shared dining table for your home cooked meal. 

chateau de bouceel breakfast

If you would like to participate in the dinner, you can reserve with the chateau in advance before your stay. The cost is 29 euro per person and 19 euro per child (under 10 years old). 


If you decide to skip dinner at Chateau de Bouceel, they have a list of restaurant recommendations nearby. There are several Normandie / Bretagne towns within a 10-20 minute drive from the chateau. 

For more information about Chateau de Bouceel or to book this magical b&b chateau in Normandie, click here.

Chateau in Normandy, France


Chateau de Bouceel is a convenient 30 minute drive from one of the most popular tourist attractions in Normandie, Mont Saint Michel. 

Mont Saint Michel is extremely busy and crowded with tourists year round, and we were very happy with our decision to book a hotel outside of the craziness. 

Mont Saint Michel

From the chateau you can also easily reach several popular destinations in Normandie. The Christian Dior Museum in Granville is 40 minutes away and the D-Day Beaches are 1 hr and 20 minutes away.

If you want to travel into the Bretagne (Brittany) region, you can reach Saint Malo in 50 minutes, Dinan in 45 minutes and Fougères in 30 minutes. 

Have you ever stayed in a French chateau? Leave a comment below!


Chateau in Normandie
Chateau de Bouceel
Chateau de Bouceel Normandy
Chateau de Bouceel in Normandy

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Our stay was booked with a media rate discount. Some links are affiliate which means if you click them and purchase something, we receive a small commission. 

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