7 of the Most Instagram Worthy Things to do in Riga Latvia

The amount of photos I took in Riga was obscene. For a month straight, I bombarded my Instagram followers with it’s vibrant buildings, charming streets and colorful parks. With so many photo ops in Riga, it was hard to pick my favorites but I narrowed it down to my top 7. Keep reading for the … Read more

Apsara Tea House // A Charming Place to Warm Up in Riga

I got a little lost one afternoon in Riga and stumbled upon Apsara Tea House by accident. It was starting to hail, and I was still testing my luck with no umbrella so I ducked into this pagoda style tea house near the river. Turns, everything about Apsara Tea House was right up my alley, so … Read more

St. Peter’s Church Riga: The Best Panoramic View of the City

The view from St. Peter’s Church gives me major Prague vibes.. except better because Riga is just as charming and it hasn’t been taken over by hordes of tourists. During one of my afternoons in the city, I ventured up the steeple to see how Old Town looked during magic hour and I was rewarded with … Read more

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