A Visit to The Latvian Holocaust Museum & Riga Ghetto

As someone who actively seeks out the history of the places I visit, the Latvian Holocaust Museum was definitely on my list of things to do in Riga. The Riga Ghetto was established in October 1941 when 30,000 Jews were relocated to a small, 16-block area, separated from the rest of the world by barbed … Read more

Riga Black Balsam Cocktails at Black Magic Apothecary Bar

I stumbled upon Black Magic on accident while walking around Old Town Riga. I’d actually never heard of Riga Black Balsam before, which is not normal for me since I always research what types of alcohol each country is known for before I go. Black Magic was the Universe’s way of making sure Black Balsam … Read more

Gallery Park Hotel // A Luxury Riga Hotel & UNESCO Building

On our most recent Europe trip, Nick and I split up for a few days and ventured separately to different countries;  he played a show in Germany and I explored Latvia. While in Riga, I had the opportunity to stay in the 5 star luxury hotel, Gallery Park Hotel and Spa. Keep reading for a … Read more

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