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3 Unique Valle De Guadalupe Hotels in Mexico’s Wine Country

One of my favorite things about Mexico’s wine region is how innovative it is. When researching a place to stay, I found so many interesting lodging options that I wanted to spend a different night in each of them. From eco-lofts to glamping tents and a bubble hotel, keep reading to discover 3 unique Valle de Guadalupe hotels to check out while in Ensenada.

Unique Boutique Hotels in Ensenada

3 Unique Valle de Guadalupe Hotels


Located between the vineyards and the Pacific Ocean, Cuatro Cuatros is a 144 acre environment where guests can go to relax and return to nature. On the property, there are 14 luxury glamping tents each with their own mini terrace out front.

This is the type of camping I can get down with, equipped with air-conditioning, a mini-bar and a real bed 🙂 .

Camping Tents in Baja California | Cuatro Cuatros

While at Cuatro Cuatros you can hike, mountain bike, go horseback riding and even zip line. They have a restaurant on site, as well as one of my favorite sunset bars at the top of the hill, with the best views of the coastline (read about Cuatro Cuatros Bar Buja HERE).

While Cuatro Cuatros is slightly further than the other Valle de Guadalupe hotels, it is only a 25 minute drive to the wineries. They also make their own wine, so you can do a tasting here as well.


Cabañas Cuatro Cuatros | Valle de Guadalupe Glamping Tents

The only downside is if you’re visiting on a weekend, they have a two night minimum.

For more information plus booking: Cuatro Cuatros Website

  • Price: $200/night
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Check In: 3PM
  • Check Out: 12PM
  • Special Notes: 2 Night Minimum on Weekends

Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros | Glamping Tents in Mexico


As you drive down La Ruta Del Vino, you might notice a cluster of little cabins on the hillside. That’s Encuentro Guadalupe, a modern eco-lodge hotel.

Encuentro Guadalupe’s eco-lofts were designed to suspended off the hillside, so not to disrupt the natural landscape. The lofts are minimalistic but modern and like Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros, they each have a private terrace to sit on and enjoy the view.

Encuentro Guadalupe Eco-Lofts | Unique Valle de Guadalupe Hotels

Encuentro Guadalupe offers a private guest-only pool and bar near the lofts, and down the hill they have a full restaurant and winery.

For more photos and information about Encuentro Guadalupe check out my post HERE

For bookings click here 

  • Price Range: $337-$1,190 USD / night
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Check In: 3PM
  • Check Out: 12PM
  • Special Conditions: Children under 13 are not allowed

Encuentro Guadalupe | Unique Valle de Guadalupe Hotels


My favorite design out of all the Valle de Guadalupe hotels, Campera Hotel Burbuja is a bubble hotel located in the middle of the vineyards. Campera Hotel Burbuja | Bubble Hotel in Valle de Gudalupe Mexico

The bubbles were designed in France with the highest grade materials and there are 10 of them on the property. Each bubble has a bathroom, full-sized bed and luxurious amenities. They are also equipped with air-conditioning and heat, but currently do not have wifi.

At night, the transparent bubble ceiling allows for a clear view of the stars. This hotel is literally what my dreams are made of.

Campera Hotel Burbuja | Mexico Bubble Hotel

Campera Hotel Burbuja does it’s booking through Airbnb (here), and if you’ve never booked through Airbnb before, use my referral code for $40 off your first trip! HERE

  • Price Range: $182-$226USD / night
  • Wifi: No
  • Check In: 3PM-5PM
  • Check Out: 11AM
  • Special Conditions: Children under 12 are not allowed

Am I missing anything? What are your favorite Valle de Guadalupe Hotels?



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  • I love off-beat accommodations! These all look great. My husband went on a motorcycle trip in that area earlier this year, and it left us both wanting to go back with a little more time to explore.

    • mm

      Same! I only spent a weekend, but it was one of my favorite new places I’ve visited this year. I can’t wait to go back.


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