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The Romantic Road: 5 Things to Do in Fussen, Germany

Fussen is a charming Bavarian town at the end (or beginning) of the Romantic Road. Just about everyone passes through here on their way to Neuschwanstein Castle, but most don’t stop. Nick and I  decided to stay the night in Füssen at an AirBnB, and I’m so glad we did. While the town is small, we discovered a few hidden gems that the majority of visitors undoubtedly miss.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

While not technically in Fussen, Neuschwanstein Castle is the largest draw for people visiting this part of Bavaria. It’s only a 6 minute drive to Schwangau, the home of Germany’s most famous castle, making Fussen the perfect hub if you plan on spending the night in this area.

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Altstadt von Fuessen

Things to Do in FussenThe town center of Fussen is pretty small. You can actually walk through and safely see everything in 40 minutes (if you’re walking slow). There are tons of souvenir shops and restaurants targeting tourists, so it doesn’t feel totally authentic. Nevertheless, it was adorable and worth the quick stroll for some photos.

Fussen, Bavaria
Cheap Eats: Wok-Inn

Because most of the restaurants in this area cater to tourists (ie expensive and/or mediocre), we decided to keep it simple and try this Chinese restaurant that looked cheap and had good reviews. It was a risky move, Chinese food in Bavaria, but it paid off. Wok Inn is located down a small side road in the center of town. It’s a no-frills place to go for a fast, cheap meal. They had a lot of vegetarian options as well and the food was surprisingly really good.


Lechfall, Fussen

If you walk 10-15 min from Fussen’s town center, you’ll run into the spot where water from the river Lech plunges into Lech Gorge. Walk out over the bridge, and stand over the falls for the best view. Lechfalls are small, but the scenery is beautiful and water is bright turquoise.

Price: Free

Lech Gorge, Fussen
LechfallDinner with a View : Steakhaus Fussen

Directly across the street from the Lechfall footbridge is a restaurant called Steakhaus Fussen, and they have an incredible view of the river Lech. We grabbed a beer here in the afternoon and watched the sunset. If we hadn’t already eaten, we would’ve grabbed dinner here. The reviews are fantastic.

Steakhaus Fussen

Straddle Austria on a Treetop Walkway

Less than half a mile from Lechfall is the Austrian border. It’s completely unassuming, and you would definitely miss it unless you were looking at a map. To the right of the border is a 68ft (21 meter) tall treetop walkway. You can start from the Austrian side and walk into Germany or vice versa.

Fussen Treetop Walkway

Price: Apparently it costs 4 euro to enter but we didn’t know and accidentally walked right past the ticket booth. Nobody said anything.. oops.

Information about the Treetop Walkway: Here 


Take a Giant Slide to the Adventure Trails

Directly below the treetop walkway and right next to the German/Austrian Border is a giant slide and several “adventure trails” for exploring. The first time we visited, we had the slide to ourselves and spent 45 minutes remembering how fun it is to be a kid. The next time we visited was on a Saturday and we had to wait in line with 7 year olds who wanted to slide as well.

Fussen, Germany SlideAt the bottom of the slide, you have the option of taking the Forest Trail or the Mountain Trail. Each trail has it’s own set of activities to do along the way. We took the Forest Trail and it was a fun way to explore the scenery. The trails are short and easily walkable. I’m 99% sure the adventure trails were designed with children in mind but we loved it anyway.

Price: Free

Information about the adventure trails: Here


BONUS: Alpine Slide

I’m so pissed I didn’t find out about the Alpine Slide until after we left Bavaria. During the Summer, take a toboggan and wind your way for half a mile (750 meters) down the mountain. The slide is located about 2 miles from Neuschwanstein Castle. You can also paraglide, hike or take the mountain cable car up for an incredible view.

Information about the Alpine Slide: Here and  Here


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