Hasta Luegos

When I boarded my plane home at the beginning of the year, I left Peru feeling very conflicted. Transitioning back to reality was tough and I thought about the island all day, wanting absolutely nothing more but to return to my monkey family. This time around, I’m in a much better place; our “goodbyes” have … Read more

Goodbye Rainbows

On our last day in Peru, we took a quick trip across the river to buy bananas and it started to rain. As we began heading home, we noticed a beautiful rainbow stretched over the island, making it appear even more magical. It was a very special goodbye present.

Website Feedback

The coolest thing about this trip has been seeing the first hand reaction to the website that I built for the island. Before, the only people who visited were from tour groups, as there were no instructions on how to get here by yourself. This time, about 40% of the tourists have come on their … Read more