Wooing Neeko

After witnessing Neeko’s strange attachment to the dirty old shirt hanging in the kitchen, our biggest goal this trip has been to work with Neeko and get him playing and acting like a normal monkey of his age. Since it was literally impossible to pry him away from his post in the kitchen, we were … Read more

Carina’s Learning How to Be a Monkey!

For the first few days after arriving on the island, we noticed Carina didn’t venture off much or play with the other monkeys. She sat on the roof of the house looking in everyday,waiting for you to come outside. One afternoon after feeding the tamarins in the jungle, we noticed Carina was sitting in one … Read more

Melusca’s Stillbirth

On Monday at 11:59am Melusca came over to sit under the house and we noticed Carlos was busy running around, surrounding the premises while keeping the other monkeys at a distance. We soon realized that she was in the process of giving birth, but the baby didn’t look healthy. It was very tiny, even smaller … Read more

Revamping the Souvenir Table

After leaving La Isla De Los Monos in January, we continued working with the project from home. I helped build them a functional website, we’ve secured several volunteers for the Summer, and have even received a few donations!When we booked our flight back to the Amazon, Shannon and I kicked it into overdrive and came … Read more

A New Addition to the Island

The night before we arrived in Iquitos, Flaca gave birth to her baby! For the first few days after it was born, we were unable to get close enough to see it because Martin (the father) has been doing a great job protecting her. As time has passed, he’s become a little more lenient with … Read more