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My First 24 Hours in Stockholm

This morning when my alarm went off at 2am Los Angeles time,  I made a promise to myself that the next time I book a plane ticket, I will spend the extra $30 on an easier flight plan rather than worrying about the bottom of the barrel, cheapest deal I can find. Anyway…..

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Cologne, Germany

Guest Post by Nick I love this city! Cologne has most definitely been added to my list of favorite places that  I’ve been lucky enough to explore. I was fortunate to have been there on a perfectly clear day, and the colors that were brought out by the sun were…

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A Free Day in London

Guest Post by Nick On my most recent work trip to Europe, I chose to stay an extra day and explore London. This was only the 2nd day I’ve spent in the city, the last one being many years ago. I figured I would re-acclimate by sticking to the major…

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Edinburgh Part 2

Here are just a few more photos of Edinburgh to wrap things up: Scot Monument. My favorite. The birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. The memorial for my favorite childhood (true) story, Greyfriar’s Bobby. If you aren’t familiar; Bobby was a skye terrier whose master died, and he…

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I fall for cities and Edinburgh was my first love. My grama was born here, so it’s tradition in my family to make the pilgrimage to Scotland at a very young age. It’s the most special place I’ve ever been and no matter where I travel to, I compare everywhere else…

edinburgh, europe, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scotland: 2006 vs. 2015

Scotland is a special destination for Nick and I because it’s the first country we traveled to together. I was brought here when I was 1, and again when I was in 5th grade. Nick came with me for his first international trip in 2006! It holds a lot of memories for us…