Visiting Old Town Dubrovnik: 5 Tips for Avoiding the Crowds

Have you ever loved a place so much, while simultaneously avoiding it at all costs? That’s how I feel about Old Town Dubrovnik. The first glimpse I saw of the Old City was when we were winding our way around the mountain on the airport shuttle bus. I actually gasped when I saw it. Unfortunately, … Read more

Dubrovnik’s Panorama Restaurant has the Best Dinner Views, Ever

778 meters above Dubrovnik sits a picture perfect restaurant with a mind-blowing view. Whether you eat dinner or simply grab a drink, a trip to Panorama Restaurant is a must do while in Dubrovnik. Panorama Restaurant Panorama Restaurant sits on top of Srd Hill and boasts the most breathtaking view I’ve ever experienced from a … Read more

Sailing Dubrovnik: A Day Trip to the Elafiti Islands

For one of Nick’s birthday surprises while in Dubrovnik, I wanted to take him out on the water. There are tons of group tours to the Elafiti Islands from Dubrovnik, but since it’s his 30th birthday I wanted to find a more private & special option. After researching boat charters in the area ($$), I … Read more

Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik: A 360° View of the Old City

Old Town Dubrovnik is completely surrounded by a 10th century, medieval stone wall. Once a form of protection from invaders, today the Dubrovnik Walls are the top tourist attractions in the city. You can walk the entire perimeter of the walls and as you circle the old city, you’ll get the best 360 degree perspective.  Keep … Read more

Cave Bar Dubrovnik: Drinks, Good Food and a Bangin’ View

There are three things I actively seek out when traveling: a killer view, great food and strong drinks. Cave Bar Dubrovnik checks all of these boxes. I originally sought out Hotel More because I was intrigued by their underground cave bar.  We’ve been hanging out in a lot of caves this year, so it only … Read more

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