Dubrovnik’s Panorama Restaurant has the Best Dinner Views, Ever

778 meters above Dubrovnik sits a picture perfect restaurant with a mind-blowing view. Whether you eat dinner or simply grab a drink, a trip to Panorama Restaurant is a must do while in Dubrovnik.

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant sits on top of Srd Hill and boasts the most breathtaking view I’ve ever experienced from a dining table.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reservations are Necessary

Since Panorama Restaurant is one of the most sought after restaurants in Dubrovnik, it’s essential to make reservations a few days in advance. I always drop the ball when it comes to reservations and when I contacted them the day before, they were fully booked. We decided to go anyway and hope for a cancellation.

Panorama Restaurant | Dubrovnik Croatia

We arrived at the top of the mountain around 5pm to trying to beat the dinner crowd. The hostess let us put our name in, with the request of an edge table. Luckily, it only took about 30 minutes for them to call our name. We did notice that the amount of walk-ups steadily increased as we were waiting, and toward the end of our meal they were turning people away. If you have your heart set on Panorama Restaurant, book your reservation well in advance.

The Best View of Dubrovnik

Food & Service

Unfortunately, the service at Panorama Restaurant was not the greatest. Our waiter seemed busy and was absent most of the meal. They have a service button on the table so you can page your server, but it didn’t seem to work.

Panorama Restaurant, Dubrovnik

Panorama Restaurant offers a Mediterranean Cuisine and both of our meals were delicious. It was also very reasonably priced. We ordered 2 entrees, 2 drinks each, plus desert and it came out to $96USD before tip. We preferred the food and service at Restaurant More, but obviously these views are unrivaled and well worth the trip up the mountain.

Alternatively, you can skip the meal and just have drinks; they set up a bar on the patio during sunset.

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Getting to the Top of the Mountain: The Dubrovnik Cable Car

There are two ways up Srd Hill: you can ride in the Dubrovnik Cable Car or you can walk. Walking is not advised unless you’re prepared for a hike.

The Dubrovnik Cable Car

How to Get to the Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Cable Car is located right outside of the Old City’s wall. From either the Ploce or Pile Gate, walk out and around the city walls to the north. It’s an 8-12 minute, easy walk to the cable car station and a 4 minute ride up the mountain.

Prices (as of 2017)
adult round-trip: 140,00 kn / $22USD
adult one-way ticket: 85,00 kn / $13.50USD
children round-trip ticket (4 – 12 years): 60,00 kn / $10USD
children one-way ticket (4 – 12 years): 40,00 kn / $6USD
4 years old and under: free
The Dubrovnik Cable Car

January 9am – 4pm
February 9am – 5pm
March 9am – 5pm
April 9am – 8pm
May 9am – 9pm
June/ July/ August 9am – Midnight
September 9am – 10pm
October 9am – 8pm 
November 9am – 5pm
December 9am – 4pm

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Panorama Restaurant

 Srđ ul. 3, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

 +385 20 312 664

[email protected]


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