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Happy Thankgiving from Thailand!

Today is Thanksgiving, and I’m in Thailand. There has been no mention of turkey or pilgrims, no festive plates, and the smell of holiday candles with dumb names like “Season of a Peace” or “Winter Fig” are missing from the air. As if a candle can really smell like peace, or figs can…

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Rescuing Dao Lyng

This afternoon the new elephant was brought to ElephantsWorld!! Her name is Dao Lyng and she’s 40 years old. The trekking camp drove her over in a big truck and I was fortunate enough to be a part of welcoming her to her new home! We backed her up to the…

Asia, kanchanaburi, thailand

Meet KamKaew

KamKaew is the second youngest elephant (10 years old) and she’s one of my favorites at the sanctuary. One if her legs is shorter than the others, and it’s the cutest thing ever to watch her wobble around the camp. The birth defect doesn’t bother her though and she can…

Asia, kanchanaburi, thailand

Erawan Falls

On Wednesday, 2 of the volunteers and I were given a day off (after many hours of begging), so we decided to check out the famous Erawan Falls. Only 2 hours away by bus. Erawan is a national park with its main attraction being a 7 tiered waterfall that hundreds of…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Sticky Rice for Old Elephants

Elephants lose and regrow their teeth six times throughout their life. At around 65 years old their last set falls out, in turn, causing them to lose ability to chew hard food. In the wild, the natural way for many elephants to die is through starvation. Many of the elephants…