All About Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides + 6 Best Views From the Ground

As the sun rises over Goreme, hundreds of colorful hot air balloons fill the sky. Their journey is a quick one, but it’s magical. Whether you decide to fly a balloon while in Cappadocia, or partake in the experience from the ground, you will not regret this sunrise. Keep reading to find out why I didn’t take a Cappadocia hot air balloon ride and discover 6 of the best viewpoints if you decide to sit this one out as well!

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons at Sunrise


While I was in Cappadocia, several people contacted me, concerned about the safety of the hot air balloon rides.

Yes, there have been accidents in the past, but 100’s of balloons fly over Cappadocia every single day and the statistics of something going wrong are extremely low.

To fly a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, a pilot needs two separate licenses. They have had at least 15 months and 200 hours of training, at which point they are then they hired for mentoring. Pilots are also required to renew their license every 2 years and undergo medical checks every 5 years.

It’s a serious business, their livelihood, and safety is a top concern among the balloon companies.

The Turkish Government has also set regulations as to how many balloons are allowed to be in the sky at one time, they require GPS to be in each balloon, and even require pilots to speak a certain level of English. Companies are also required to test their balloons and log their results regularly.

If you’re concerned about safety, choose a reputable company and request their most experienced pilot.

Don’t miss out on something because of fear. Miss out on it because 24 people floating in small basket, all jockeying to take the same photo sounds miserable.

Cappadcocia Hot Air Balloons


Before I decided against taking a balloon ride, I thoroughly researched all of the major companies in the area.

Royal and Butterfly Balloons ended up being my top two choices. While these companies are not the cheapest in Cappadocia, their stats, safety record and experience (somewhat) justify their price point.

For an in-depth list of Cappadocia hot air balloon options with prices, click here. 

(These are not sponsored endorsements).


Royal Balloons is the #1 Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon company on TripAdvisor.

They seem extremely concerned about safety and they have some of the most experienced pilots.  Their balloons are built by the Cameron Balloons & Lindstrand Balloons, the most prestigious hot air balloon producers in the world.

Also, their standard balloon flight has a maximum of 16 passengers, so you won’t be overly crowded in a basket.


Butterfly Balloons Cappadocia


Butterfly Balloons is a boutique Cappadocia hot air balloon company.

Like Royal Balloons, safety is their #1 concern. They have excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and were the balloon company of choice for Rick Steves when he was in Cappadocia. Who doesn’t trust Rick Steves?

Butterfly Balloons also has their balloons custom made by Cameron Balloons in the UK, as well Ultramagic in Spain. Their maximum basket capacity is also 16 people.


Another great resource for choosing a company to fly with: took the liberty of interviewing and comparing every Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon company. Check it out here 

Cappadocia Sunrise


The Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon ride has held a high ranking spot on my bucket list for years.  It’s always been my dream to spend the morning floating over Goreme, so I actually surprised myself by making the decision not to do this.


Price doesn’t usually play a large factor in my decision not to do something, especially if it’s on a bucket list adventure. However after checking with several balloon companies in Cappadocia, I was surprised at how expensive the balloon rides are.

For a standard flight, prices averaged from 200-400 euro per person and the capacity on a standard flight is between 16-24 people!

While there are separate compartments in the basket (fitting up to 6 people each), that’s still too crowded for me. I also didn’t want to risk spending that much money and not getting a spot at the edge of a basket.

Alternatively, you have the option of arranging for a deluxe flight which fits between 8-16 people in a basket, and those range from 175-250 euro per person.

Most of the flights are only an hour long, so I didn’t feel the cost would be worth it this time around. When I can afford a private balloon ride over Cappadocia, I will definitely be back.

Goreme Hot Air Balloons

Photos are a major driving factor in many of my travel decisions. When researching the best photos of the balloons, I realized that my favorite images were taken from the ground.

While the view of Goreme from above would undoubtedly make for good pictures, I preferred the sweeping panorama of the entire scene from a distance.

Turkey Hot Air Balloons

6 of the Best Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Viewpoints to Watch from the Ground


Sunset point is the most popular lookout in Goreme.

Situated directly above the town, this spot will give you one of the best panoramic views of the balloons. It’s a short trek if you don’t have a car, so plan on leaving early to make sure you get there in time to grab a good spot.

Also check out Sunset Point during sunset. There’s a little cafe up there that serves beer and wine.


One of the best and easiest options to watch the hot air balloons is to roll out of bed and simply walk outside of your cave hotel.
When booking a room in Cappadocia, an amazing view of the balloons was my #1 priority. We ended up booking with Mithra Cave Hotel (review here). It was located on the top of the hill behind the town of Goreme.
I couldn’t have been happier with the views. As an added bonus, Sultan Cave Suites was right next door and the owner was kind enough to let us use his viewing deck for photos.

Where to watch the hot air balloons in Cappadocia
Another cave hotel with great view in Goreme is Kelebek . Also make sure to look at Museum Hotel and Rox Cappadocia in Uchisar. Uchisar is just outside of Goreme situated on a hill, and the views are fantastic.
Sultan Cave Suites Cappadocia


Red Valley Panoramic Viewpoint is one of my favorite sunset spots that I’ve ever come across.
We never ventured up here at sunrise to watch the hot air balloons but I can imagine it would be an incredible view. It’s located a little higher than Goreme so the balloons won’t be as up-close, but you’ll get a killer panorama of all of Cappadocia.

Red Valley Cappadocia
Cappadocia hot air balloon


Esentepe Viewpoint is on the road between Uchisar and Goreme.  
While we didn’t come here at sunrise, we briefly stopped in on the way to Uchisar Castle. Judging by its location and the views during the day time, this would be an excellent spot to watch the balloons.


This view requires an additional step, but it’s worth it to get some close up photos of the hot air balloons taking off.

Since the balloon companies alternate their launch sites depending on the weather conditions, you’ll need to contact them the day before to see where they’ll be launching the next morning.

Try and find some elevated ground near the launch site and watch the balloons rise over the valley.


Love Valley is located right along the balloons’ flight path.
When I look at photos of the hot air balloons from Love Valley, I highly regret not doing this. Unfortunately, I was unable to pinpoint exactly where to go, and I didn’t know how much hiking it required before sunrise.  
I think it’s worth checking out..  and if you do it, please update me! When I return to Cappadocia, this is on my hot air ballon viewing to-do list.
Cappadocia hot air balloons


The 6 Best Places to View the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons from the Ground   A Complete Guide to Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides + 6 of the Best Viewing Locations from the Ground

Have you seen the hot air balloons fly over Cappadocia? Leave your favorite viewpoints in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “All About Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides + 6 Best Views From the Ground”

  1. Beautiful piece, and I learned some things I didn’t know. I taught in Turkey for nearly seven years, and Cappadocia (Kapadokya) was my favorite destination. On my first trip, a fellow teacher negotiated a balloon ride at a discount if we could fill a balloon (with teachers), and we did. The experience blew my mind. I think I took a hundred photos, and at one point our pilot lowered the balloon to a hillside where his partners reached up to hand each of us a little bouquet of wildflowers. It was stunning. I think that ride cost us 200 Turkish Lira each, and even that seemed expensive. It was about $140 at the time. I organized a group tour to Turkey about four years ago, and most of us popped for a balloon ride. Again, it was spectacular. I’m sorry you missed out–it’s one of those things you just have to do and swallow the cost. It’s only an hour, but an unforgettable one. Thanks for writing this glorious piece. My Turkey blog is (YOUR DOG PHOTO IS GORGEOUS.)

    • Hi Ann,
      Your experiences sound incredible! It’s definitely made me think twice about taking the ride when I go back to Cappadocia. Preferably in a private balloon 😉

      Also, thank you for your blog link, such a great resource!


  2. I was undecided until I read somewhere that all the companies now have a fixed price of 175EUR for the standard 1h tour…. so… I will be on the ground.

    • Hey Lucas,
      Oh really? I’ll have to look into that so I can update this post.
      I don’t regret not doing it. The views from the ground are amazing, have fun!

  3. Absolutely loved the pictures! I’m going to Cappadocia next week and wanted to know the name and location of the place from where you took the pictures of the hot air balloon. Is it Kebelek?

    • Hi Tanishaa! We stayed at Kebelek so most of the photos were taken from there. We also took photos from Sultan Cave Suites, which is right next door.


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