Meet Antony

Antony is a crazy three year-old spider monkey and he has the biggest personality on La Isla de Los Monos. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t see him lumbering through the trees and think “what is Antony up to now?!”


He was the first monkey we met when our boat docked on the island. I was walking to the volunteer cabin when I felt a hand grab mine; I looked down and I saw the cutest, doll face staring up at me, showing me the way. Antony loves to hold your hand and drag you places. He thrives on attention and it doesn’t matter who you are or if he knows you, his giant (often muddy) body will be in your arms whether you like it or not. His favorite thing is when tourists visit the island so he can have a new group of people to show off for.
Antony is the only spider monkey on La Isla De Los Monos so he terrorizes the other monkeys and forces them to hang out with him. He plays a little rough though and the others get annoyed with him quickly. He can often be found stealing eggs from the chicken coop, taunting the Red Ukaris from their cages, or pulling Roberto, the island dog, around by the tail. It’s hard to tell the difference between a person and animal when hanging out with Antony. He possesses many human qualities and is extremely intelligent.

Despite his mischievous nature, Antony is very sweet. He falls asleep on our laps and sits like a rag doll in our arms. He cracks us up all day and life on the island is definitely more fun with Antony around.


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