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Flying into the Amazon from Panama gave us a completely different (but just as breathtaking) view of the jungle, compared to when we came in from Lima. I don’t think seeing the river from the air will ever get old. After going through customs we spotted Gilberto and Jair standing…

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Sleeping in Panama

Note to self: when booking a 15 hour layover in Panama, do it during daytime hours..What a strange, uneventful night. I must admit, sleeping in an airport was not all that bad.. aside from the window washers blasting reggaetone above my head at 1am. Still, what do you do in…

eco travel, La Isla De Los Monos, peru, South America

Meet Gilberto

Gilberto Guerra Reátegui is the newest addition to my list of favorite people on earth. He is a shining light in the jungle who has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to preserving and protecting the monkeys of the Amazon. Every move Gilberto makes is for his monkeys….

Beauty Hack // How To Refill Your Travel Sized Bioderma Bottle
On the plane to Iquitos we read about Masato, or “jungle beer,” in our Amazon survival book. Apparently, when you visit a tribe, they will offer you this beverage which you must drink or it’s considered highly offensive. It’s ingredients are simple… just chewed manioc (yucca) fermented with the...
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