Hasta Luegos

When I boarded my plane home at the beginning of the year, I left Peru feeling very conflicted. Transitioning back to reality was tough and I thought about the island all day, wanting absolutely nothing more but to return to my monkey family. This time around, I’m in a much better place; our “goodbyes” have … Read more

Goodbye Rainbows

On our last day in Peru, we took a quick trip across the river to buy bananas and it started to rain. As we began heading home, we noticed a beautiful rainbow stretched over the island, making it appear even more magical. It was a very special goodbye present.

Website Feedback

The coolest thing about this trip has been seeing the first hand reaction to the website that I built for the island. Before, the only people who visited were from tour groups, as there were no instructions on how to get here by yourself. This time, about 40% of the tourists have come on their … Read more

Wooing Neeko

After witnessing Neeko’s strange attachment to the dirty old shirt hanging in the kitchen, our biggest goal this trip has been to work with Neeko and get him playing and acting like a normal monkey of his age. Since it was literally impossible to pry him away from his post in the kitchen, we were … Read more

Carina’s Learning How to Be a Monkey!

For the first few days after arriving on the island, we noticed Carina didn’t venture off much or play with the other monkeys. She sat on the roof of the house looking in everyday,waiting for you to come outside. One afternoon after feeding the tamarins in the jungle, we noticed Carina was sitting in one … Read more