For the first few days after arriving on the island, we noticed Carina didn’t venture off much or play with the other monkeys. She sat on the roof of the house looking in everyday,waiting for you to come outside.

One afternoon after feeding the tamarins in the jungle, we noticed Carina was sitting in one of the trees nearby watching us! Something she’s never done before. After realizing she just needed a little bit of encouragement, we held her hand (literally) and walked with her into the field to show her how to climb trees. Since then, Carina’s perimeter around the house gets a little wider each day. We’ve seen her high up in the trees by herself and she even has started to play with Antony. You can still catch a glimpse of her hesitation in certain situations but its amazing to see her progress. She’s come a long way from being the skinny, malnourished spider monkey with a string around her waist that arrived on the island 2 months ago.20130603-083211