Sopot // An Easy Day Trip to Poland’s Charming Seaside Resort Town

Occupying a short stretch along the Baltic sea lies Poland’s Summer capital, also known as the “Polish Riviera.” With it’s white sand beaches (I didn’t know Poland had beaches) and fancy resort spas, Sopot became a popular destination amongst rich and famous in the early 1900’s. Today Sopot’s reputation as a resort town parallels it’s prominent … Read more

Krakow Street Art : I'm Happy Again

Krakow: Kazimierz and The Jewish Ghetto

Kazimierz: The Jewish District It’s a common misunderstanding that Kazimierz, the Jewish District, was where the Krakow Jewish Ghetto was located during WWII. The actual location of the ghetto is a short walk across the river in a district called Podgorze. We actually visited Kazimierz thinking it would be the area where the Ghetto used to be. … Read more

Polish Vodka Tasting at Wodka Bar In Old Town Krakow

Having just spent a few weeks traveling throughout Germany and the Czech Republic, we were starting to get a little burnt out on beer. What better time to switch it up than with some Polish vodka tasting in Krakow? Coming in second, just under Russsia, Poland has the highest vodka intake per capita, with Polish … Read more

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