After leaving La Isla De Los Monos in January, we continued working with the project from home. I helped build them a functional website, we’ve secured several volunteers for the Summer, and have even received a few donations!
When we booked our flight back to the Amazon, Shannon and I kicked it into overdrive and came up with a few creative ways to spruce up the island’s visiting room in order to engage tourists and encourage them to purchase souvenirs. Gilberto already had a few things for sale; mainly bracelets and a couple of pens, but nothing compelling enough for people to pay attention to and he rarely sold anything.

Shannon has been busy making the cutest necklaces, bracelets, magnets, rings, keychains and earrings, and I ordered postcards and photos. We brought our brochures, business cards, adoption certificates and signs and gave the island’s souvenir table a much needed facelift.

In the few short days we’ve been here, we have seen an amazing response! Just about everyone that visits has purchased a postcard, and most insist that we “keep the change.” Shannon has sold a few of her creations as well! It’s a great way to send people home with something to remember the island by, as well as another way to generate money. 100% of the proceeds go directly toward the monkey’s well being.

Gilberto is over the moon with excitement! He’s making us save all of the money we make and at the end of our trip, we are going to count it together.