I introduced you to Neeko almost 3 weeks ago after we rescued him from the market in Mazan (here). He had ammunition in his tail and side, a broken toe, was malnourished and terrified.

I am happy to announce that Neeko is recovering beautifully and gaining more strength every day. His tail and foot are still swollen, but his stitches are out and he is itching them a lot (a sign of healing). He has an enormous appetite and will maul a banana if he gets within 2 feet of one. Baby monkeys are similar to human babies, as they are in need of continuous care and attention. We can’t put him down or he cries, he has to eat every 3 hours and it seems like we are constantly changing his diaper.
We have fallen head over heels with Neeko. I can’t stop looking at his tiny face, I feel like a new mom. He takes turns sleeping in each of our three beds and doesn’t leave our side all day.

Neeko is quite the ladies man, and has learned to give the best kisses! He reaches up, grabs your cheeks, pulls you in and then shoves his face in your mouth.

Leaving him behind is going to break my heart. Next time I see Neeko, he will be grown up and probably won’t remember me. He will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first (definitely not last) monkey I was able to save.