One of our most important volunteer tasks on La Isla De Los Monos is educating the tourists on the importance of Gilberto’s project. He speaks great English but since he is self taught, naturally there are language barriers.


We have been communicating with English speaking tourists and answering any questions they have. We also teach them about the dangers monkeys are facing in the wild and encourage them to take action. We try and focus a lot on the younger visitors when it comes to education as they are the future and the ones who will, hopefully, begin to fix the problems we face today.


Monkey Island doesn’t have much of an online presence right now, so we also urge tourists to leave reviews on Trip Advisor and help spread the word . Many people have asked us what they too can do to help because they are touched by Gilberto’s vision. We’ve made a lot contacts and will be putting some things in action once we return home, in order to continue to help Gilberto even when we are not physically on the island.