Cologne, Germany

Guest Post by Nick

I love this city! Cologne has most definitely been added to my list of favorite places that  I’ve been lucky enough to explore. I was fortunate to have been there on a perfectly clear day, and the colors that were brought out by the sun were incredible. I have always been a fan of big, open spaces and the River Rhine provides that here. The city felt very much alive, and the energy was infectious.

Cologne I loved the architecture. It seemed to combine the construction and color schemes of many other European cities I’ve visited, but with a modern twist. Cologne, GermanyOne thing Lindsey and I love doing in Paris is sitting along the river Seine in the evenings, and drinking wine or a beer as we watch boats go by. I have a feeling we will do this in Cologne sooner rather than later as the river walkway is set up in a similar fashion. Also, it’s legal to drink in public here, which makes it convenient to move to another spot, or walk to a Brauhaus with drink in hand.  Cologne, GermanyIMG_0185 IMG_0203

IMG_0211Food is certainly not scarce. Dining in is casual and on a mostly seat-yourself basis. The Kolsch and Bratwurst is cheap, and if you stick to take away, you can eat very well for very little.


Rhine River, Cologne Oh, and the show was fun too!  IMG_0278

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