British Open 2015: Here for the Beer

The customs line at the Edinburgh airport was surprisingly long and when we got to the front, the lady asked us if we too were here for golf. We didn’t know what she was talking about but since we’re the type to follow the action, we decided to find out. 

Turns out The Open is happening at St. Andrews this week! We didn’t have tickets, or a even a desire to watch golf happen live, but I figured the pubs would be raging and the area would be fun. We hopped on the bus and took a 2 hour journey to check it out. 
Scotch Tasting, St. Andrews Turns out people are super serious about The Open. As we pulled into St. Andrews, grown men were standing up and gasping. We stepped off the bus as the only people in the town with no clue as to what to do that day. St. Andrews, ScotlandWe walked around the cute little town for a while until Nick discovered the perfect pub, complete with live coverage, drunk Scots and hundreds of local scotch whiskies. The whiskey descriptions were intriguing, and with adjectives such as “fresh, sweet and lightly toasted,” we were fully prepared for a memorable experience. After the first sip, we quickly realized that all of the descriptions are grossly inaccurate and would better off labeled as gasoline. This didn’t stop us from drinking it all.

The Keys Bar | St. Andrews   144th Open at St. Andrews With a bit of liquid courage in our blood was headed over to The Open and stumbled upon an exit which we conveniently used as an entrance. Sure enough we found ourselves near the 18th green, in the middle of the “action.” We watched Arnold Palmer and his team win The Open championship challenge which was especially exciting for me because I drink Arnold Palmers at my mom’s house all the time.

The British Open 2015

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