Perast Montenegró // A Picture Perfect Gem on the Bay of Kotor

Along the scenic, windy road around the Bay of Kotor sits a picture perfect little town located on the water’s edge. Perast is tiny, in fact, you could make it from end to end about 10 minutes if you’re walking slow. Nevertheless, it was my favorite stop along the bay and I highly recommend checking it out. Keep reading for photos, what to do in Perast Montenegró, and how to get here from Kotor.

Perast Montenegro

What to do in Perast Montenegró

Did I mention that Perast is tiny? While there’s not tons to do, it’s a pretty place to grab a bite to eat, walk along the water’s edge or take a boat ride to the islands.

Perast Montenegro

Our Lady of the Rocks

Perast is most well known for it’s 2 unique islets right off the coast.

Our Lady of the Rocks is a man-made island (created by sinking rocks and old ships to the bottom of the bay), while the island of St. George is naturally occurring. St. George contains a monastery and a cemetery, but it is off limits to tourists.Our Lady of the Rock in Perast Montenegró

You can visit Our Lady of the Rocks by hiring a boat along the main road in Perast (there are a lot of vendors offering rides as it’s the most popular thing to do here). Boat rides should cost between €3 – €5 per person and the driver will come back to get you in 30-45 minutes. Island of St. George, Perast Montenegró

Perast Islets

On the island is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks with a museum attached, and a small gift shop. Entrance to the church is €1 and you also have the option of hiring a local guide for a tour.

Length of Visit: 30-45 minutes

Perast Montenegró Islands

Walk Along the Bay

I loved Perast so much that we visited both days while in Kotor. My favorite thing to do was simply walk along the water’s edge. The architecture and the scenery is gorgeous and it;s beauty is highlighted during golden hour.

Tip: Heading to Perast in the afternoon after the tour busses leave will give you a much more private, relaxing experience.

Perast Montenegró

Perast Montenegró

Perast Museum

The Museum of Perast is small and concise, including exhibits mainly donated by local families who are descendants of Perast’s nobility. Learn about the history of the town by viewing paintings, weapons, flags and medals from it’s past.

Entrance: €2.5

Length of Visit: 20-30 minutes

The Museum of Perast

Climb the Bell Tower of St. Nikola Church

I’m so sad I didn’t know about this option while I was in Perast. For €1 you can see the church and climb the bell tower for the best view of the town and the Bay of Kotor.

St. Nikola Church in Perast Montenegró


Perast Montenegró

Grab a Drink & Bite to Eat

What better view to enjoy while sipping a beer? There are handful of restaurants scattered along the bay where you can duck in and grab some food & drinks.

Kotor Day Trip: Perast Montenegró

Skolji  We ate dinner here on our first night in Montenegro. The service was on point and the food was great. Get a table on the patio to enjoy the view.

Caffe Pizzeria Djardin

Caffe Pizzeria Djardin After two weeks in Croatia and Montenegro, we were craving something other than seafood. Our meal at Caffe Pizzeria Djardin wasn’t one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life but it was inexpensive, right on the water and it hit the spot.

Perast Montenegró

How to get from Kotor to Perast Montenegró

Public Transportation

If you’re coming from Kotor, you can pick up the blue line bus right outside Old Town’s walls at the end of the market. There is no bus stop but you’ll see the bus written on the road where it will stop. The ride takes 30 minutes and costs €1 each way (pay on the bus).

Kotor to Perast

Monday – Saturday Kotor to Perast: Busses leave 15 minutes past the hour.

Sunday Kotor to Perast: Busses leave 15 minutes past the hour on uneven hours.

Perast to Kotor

Monday – Saturday Perast to Kotor: Busses leave 30 minutes past the hour.

Sunday Perast to Kotor: Busses leave 30 minutes past the hour on even hours.

Perast, Montenegro

By Car

It’s extremely simple to reach Perast by car. Simply follow the main road along the coastline (northwest) until you reach it. Perast comes about 5 minutes after Orahovac. The journey takes 17 minutes.


Hire a water taxi in Kotor to take you to Perast, or take a 2.5 hour boat tour which includes a stop at Our Lady of the Rock.

Price: €15 per person

Perast Montenegró at Night

Perast Montenegro

Have you been to Perast Montenegró? Leave any added tips in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Perast Montenegró // A Picture Perfect Gem on the Bay of Kotor”

  1. Hi,

    Great infor. I saw your post on Skoljke Boke – Uzgajaliste ostriga i musulja. We are going on a boat from the port to perst and lady of Rocks- if we have the driver drop us off are there taxi cabs we can take back to the port of Kotor? We have no idea how much the food will cost? Do you remember how much it was? Thanks.

    • Hi JoAnn,
      You should be able to get a taxi back from Perast. If there are none around, I’m sure one of the local businesses or restaurants would be able to call one for you.

      If you are looking to get a taxi from Skoljke Boke, I don’t think you’ll be able to find one unless you call it. The oyster farm is on the side of the road and not much else is around. If I recall correctly, oysters were between 1.5 – 3 euro each depending on which ones you get.

      Also, I’m sure you already know this if you read my post but Skoljke Boke only serves oysters and mussels. It’s also not really even a restaurant, just a passionate man willing to serve up his fresh oysters! Be sure to let him know you’re coming!

      Have fun!


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