hello, iquitos

Flying into the Amazon Rainforest is the newest highlight of my life! As far out as you could see, there was vivid green.. with the exception of the massive river snaking its way through the dense blanket of trees. The river. The one I’ve waited my whole life to see


Gilberto met us at the airport, just as he promised. He was wearing his Isla de Los Monos t-shirt and had a baby monkey on his side. After so many emails over the past few months it was good to finally meet the man we’d be living with for the next month. Gilberto introduced us to his little friend that traveled with him from the island. Her mother was killed, she’s too small to be alone and he doesn’t have enough help on the island to have anyone take care of her. This reaffirmed our decision be here and offer some extra hands.

photo-4 photo-3

Tomorrow Gilberto is taking us to buy our food for the next week.. and also a mattress haha.

Then we are off to La Isla de Los Monos!!

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