Underneath Cappadocia // Kaymakli Underground City : A Visitor’s Guide

There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia with Kaymakli and Derinkuyu being the most popular among visitors. Kaymakli Underground City is a 30 minutes drive outside of Goreme and a super easy trip to make. Keep reading to find out how to get to Kaymakli from Goreme, the difference between Kaymakli vs. Derinkuyu, plus tips for visiting … Read more

Sleeping in a Cappadocia Cave Hotel // Mithra Cave Hotel Review

Millions of years ago volcanic eruptions covered the entire region of Cappadocia with thick ash. The ash solidified into soft rock, and natural erosion over the years has created the unique geological formations the region is known for. In as early as 1800-1200 B.C, people began tunneling into the soft rock creating churches, houses and … Read more

Goreme Open Air Museum // Cappadocia’s Ancient Cave Churches

Multiple sources highly recommended that our first stop in Cappadocia be the Goreme Open Air Museum. Even the front desk lady at our hotel circled it’s location on our map several times and stated that it was the most important stop. Point taken. A Bit of History Cappadocia has over 250 cave churches, with The … Read more

Rixos Downtown, Konyaalti Beach & Persian Concerts

If you know me or if you read my blog, you’ll know that I almost always stay in hostels. They’re cheap and lively and I never spend enough time in my room to need much more than the basics that they offer. On this trip, because Nick is here on business, we had the opportunity to … Read more

Kaleici and the Harbor

We have already seen some of Kaleici since it’s close to hour hotel, but today we went out with the full intention of exploring every bit of Antalya’s Old Town. If your hostel or hotel is near the tram, we found that this is the easiest way to get to Kaleici. It costs 10 lira … Read more

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