Flying into the Amazon from Panama gave us a completely different (but just as breathtaking) view of the jungle, compared to when we came in from Lima. I don’t think seeing the river from the air will ever get old.

After going through customs we spotted Gilberto and Jair standing outside waiting for their “new” volunteers, clueless as to who was about to walk through the arrival doors. Shannon and I came out together and the look on Gilberto’s face when he saw us was priceless! He stared at us for about 10 seconds with the weirdest look and then freaked out when he realized what was happening. It was the best homecoming I could’ve asked for.


Being back in Iquitos so soon feels really strange. My last trip was extremely emotional and after forcing myself to re-adapt to the materialistic, vapid ways of life in the US, I’m not sure how to deal with being catapulted back in the jungle. I’ve dreamt about the island every night for the past three months and I’m terrified that I’m going wake up at any moment.


Tomorrow morning we will buy our food for the week and then catch the 12 o’clock slow boat to the Island. I’m dying to see my monkey family.