Erawan Falls

On Wednesday, 2 of the volunteers and I were given a day off (after many hours of begging), so we decided to check out the famous Erawan Falls. Only 2 hours away by bus.
Erawan is a national park with its main attraction being a 7 tiered waterfall that hundreds of tourists flock to see every day. The first 4 tiers of the falls are very crowded and chaotic, but people start dropping off after the 5th tier… to which we very quickly understood why.
The paved trail ended and we were faced with a treacherous, extremely difficult hike. I stupidly packed too much for our overnight trip, not considering the fact that I’d be hiking with everything up a mountain the next day. 20 extra pounds on my back did not make life easy. We had to wade through streams, climb rocks and balance beam walk over fallen trees. I fell three times and almost catapulted off of a ledge.. thank god for the perfectly placed tree that I was able to wrap my body around on my way down.
The top of the falls was worth my brush with death.
On our way down, we decided to stop at the 6th tier and swim. We were the only ones at this level, aside from a few dozen wild monkeys playing in the trees above our heads. The highlight of my day!

We would’ve swam for longer if it weren’t for the hundreds of fish that swarm your body as soon as you step foot into the water. They apparently like to eat the dead skin off your feet, and it tickles like crazy.


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