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A Day Trip to Termessos

Today we set out for Termessos, the ruins of an ancient city which sits over 3,000 feet up Solymos mountain. You can get here pretty easily with public transportation but we still had our rental car and it was quicker and easier for us to drive. If you decide to take…

antalya, europe, turkey

Kursunlu Waterfalls and Perge

Kursunlu Waterfalls We’ve been having a hard time waking up because of the time change, but this morning we made it a point to get out early. When researching public transportation in Antalya, I found a few websites with instructions to Kursunlu Waterfalls, but they were pretty dated.  Since we…

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Hiking Machu Picchu

I woke up extra early this morning because I was dying to see what it looked like outside. I also wanted to take advantage of our amazing hotel room overlooking this incredible view. I’m going to admit, I didn’t know much about Machu Picchu before today. Of course I’d seen the infamous…

peru, South America, The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley: Ollantaytambo

After we finished in Pisac, we drove another hour to Ollantaytambo and visited this town’s archaeological site. When we were pulling into Ollantaytambo, I fell in love with the village. It feels as if you’ve gone back into time when you walk through the streets here. This is where the tour ended for…

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Touring Cusco

After a short delay due to poor weather, Erica and I finally landed in Cusco! Leaving the airport, we were approached by tons of taxis begging to take us into town. Of course, offering ridiculous rates.  We finally found someone that would take us to the city center for 20 soles but it…

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Retracing a Few Steps

The last few days have been a whirlwind of busses, temples and Chang. We’ve been waking up at 7am and staying out until midnight. There’s so much to do and so many massages to be had! After our brief 15 minutes of fame, we decided to bounce out of Bangkok….