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The Abba Museum

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from spending time in Sweden, it’s that this country is very proud¬†of ABBA.¬†Today Nick and I took the ferry to Djurg√•rden where the ABBA Museum¬†happens to be and¬†we spent a considerable amount of time inside. Thanks to my grandma I’m a big fan of…

europe, stockholm, sweden

Gamla Stan & Nick’s Stockholm Concert

Yesterday I finally met up with Nick! His train got in from Malmo around 2pm and we checked into his hotel. For the past few¬†days, I’ve been a bag lady. I’ve stayed in a different hostel/hut each night and even though I travel light, it’s been so annoying carrying my…

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Kolarbyn Eco Lodge [Pt 1]

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge is the main reason¬†I booked this trip to Sweden. When I heard Nick was going to be playing a few shows here I started¬†researching the country and as soon as I¬†found these fairy huts in the forest, I was sold.¬† The day after arriving in Stockholm, I…

europe, stockholm, sweden

My First 24 Hours in Stockholm

This morning when my alarm went off at¬†2am Los Angeles time, ¬†I made a promise to¬†myself that the¬†next time I book a plane ticket, I will spend the extra $30 on an easier flight plan rather than worrying about the bottom of the barrel, cheapest deal I can find. Anyway…..