Old Town Gdansk // A Complete Weekend Guide

Commonly referred to as the “Pearl of the North,” Gdansk is a popular European weekend destination filled with rich history and some of the most photogenic streets I’ve ever walked along. There’s more to Gdansk than just it’s Old Town, but if you’re only in the city for a short amount of time, you could … Read more

15 Minutes of Fame in Thailand

This morning we decided to try a different restaurant on Vegetarian Alley. We brought our iPads to breakfast and the plan was to drink Thai Iced tea and sketch out a rough itinerary of places we want to see. While we were eating, this wonderfully eccentric and charismatic woman walked in and started greeting everyone. … Read more

Why You Should Take Riding an Elephant off your Bucketlist

This morning I was asked to go with several mahouts to a nearby trekking camp in order to look at a new elephant that might be donated to ElephantsWorld. I was thrilled at the chance to be able document the process of acquiring a new elephant but the reality of the trekking camp overshadowed my excitement. … Read more