I fall for cities and Edinburgh was my first love. My grama was born here, so it’s tradition in my family to make the pilgrimage to Scotland at a very young age. It’s the most special place I’ve ever been and no matter where I travel to, I compare everywhere else to here. For the past … Read more

Scotland: 2006 vs. 2015

Scotland is a special destination for Nick and I because it’s the first country we traveled to together. I was brought here when I was 1, and again when I was in 5th grade. Nick came with me for his first international trip in 2006! It holds a lot of memories for us so I thought it would … Read more

Hello, Is it Tea You're looking for

Scottish Hospitality: The Best of the Best

Scotland is an incredible country; the scenery is unrivaled and the history is rich, but one of the things that really makes this place what it is, is the people!! The Scottish people are the nicest, most hospitable, and genuinely helpful group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.   It’s extremely unfortunate … Read more

Highland Coo in Drumnadrochit

Highland Cows in Drumnadrochit

 Our B&B in Drumnadrochit was amazing. It was about 4 miles outside of the main village and on the very top of a hill. The views were perfection and our hosts were the nicest of people (not surprising as Scottish Hospitality is the best in the world). With nobody around for miles, all you could hear … Read more

Isle of Skye, Scotland Highlands

Scottish Highlands: Isle of Skye

My g’ma is going to be back on the Isle of Skye again at the end of the month, so she decided to stay in Plockton while Nick and I rented a car and explored the island today.   pulled over to the side of the road letting busses pass Nick volunteered to drive which was terrifying … Read more

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