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Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Rescuing Dao Lyng

This afternoon the new elephant was brought to ElephantsWorld!! Her name is Dao Lyng and she’s 40 years old. The trekking camp drove her over in a big truck and I was fortunate enough to be a part of welcoming her to her new home! We backed her up to the…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Sticky Rice for Old Elephants

Elephants lose and regrow their teeth six times throughout their life. At around 65 years old their last set falls out, in turn, causing them to lose ability to chew hard food. In the wild, the natural way for many elephants to die is through starvation. Many of the elephants…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Meet Johnny

Johnny is the youngest elephant at Elephants World (6 years old) and he is crazy. The only person who can get near Johnny is his mahout, Pizza. Johnny is not an aggressive elephant but he is extremely playful. If you are nearby, he will try to push or pull you,…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Meet Aum Pan

Aum Pan is 77 years old but has had a much easier life than the other elephants at Elephants World. Compared to Songkran, who is similar in age, Aum Pan looks 10 years younger. Her earlier years were spent bringing families to the temples for special ceremonies, and she was…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

The Food Shop

Elephants eat 10% of their body weight each day, which means they spend most of their time eating. Twice a day, we weigh out fruits and vegetables and divide them among 10 baskets, one for each elephant. We usually aim for 16-18 kilos (35-40pounds) per basket. The elephants are all…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Meet Kamoon

Kamoon is one of the three original elephants at Elephant’s World. She’s easy to tell apart from the others because she is the fattest lady at the sanctuary. Kamoon is 64 years old and she spent her childhood begging for food in Bangkok and Phuket. When she was a teenager…