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Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

The Food Shop

Elephants eat 10% of their body weight each day, which means they spend most of their time eating. Twice a day, we weigh out fruits and vegetables and divide them among 10 baskets, one for each elephant. We usually aim for 16-18 kilos (35-40pounds) per basket. The elephants are all…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Swimming with Elephants

On my second day at Elephant’s World I had the special opportunity to swim with several of the elephants in the river- no tourists, just the mahouts (elephant caretakers). Standing face to face with these giant, gentle creatures in the water was one of the most beautiful moments of my…

Asia, eco travel, kanchanaburi, thailand

Welcome to Elephant’s World!

About 40 minutes from the town of Kanchanaburi, lies a beautiful camp dedicated to the well being of old and previously abused elephants. The elephants is the symbol of Thailand and the top thing to do on most tourist’s itinerary is to ride one. Unfortunately, the backs of elephants are…

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Hasta Luegos

When I boarded my plane home at the beginning of the year, I left Peru feeling very conflicted. Transitioning back to reality was tough and I thought about the island all day, wanting absolutely nothing more but to return to my monkey family. This time around, I’m in a much…