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3 Valle de Guadalupe Wineries You Should Check Out While in Ensenada

Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California has been one of my favorite mini-trips that I’ve taken this year. Until recently, I had zero awareness that Mexico even made wine. But they do, and the wineries in Guadalupe Valley are some of the most creative and innovative that I’ve ever experienced. From recycled boat ceilings to a picture perfect outdoor patio, keep reading to discover 3 Valle de Guadalupe wineries you shouldn’t miss.


Rattling down the dirt road to Vena Cava feels like you’re on a never-ending path to hell.

Except when you arrive you’re not in hell, but more of a recycled hipster paradise with wine and food. Soo Heaven? Call it what you will, but Vena Cava definitely earned itself a top spot on my favorite Valle de Guadalupe Wineries from this weekend.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Vena Cava

Vena Cava’s design was created by architect Alejandro D’Acosta, who uses the goal of minimizing impact on the earth to fuel his art. He uses recycled materials such as old bottles and tires, and gives them new life. At Vena Cava, the ceilings are made out of recycled boats from a nearby port. Outside, reclaimed wood hold up the large net overhang which is used to shade guests.

Vena Cava also has one of the most popular food trucks in Valle de Guadalupe called Troika. I will be publishing a separate post on Vena Cava and Troika soon.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Troika Food Truck

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Troika Food Truck Tacos


Hacienda La Lomita’s headwine maker, Gustavo Gonzalez, has an impressive background and over 20 years of experience. He is a chemist with a masters in oenology (the study of wines) and one of the most recognized oenologists in the American Union. He worked for 17 years in Napa Valley working for Robert Mondavi. During his time at Mondavi, Gonzalez graduated from lab technician to head winemaker in charge of  their red wines. Today, he is the head winemaker for both Finca La Carodilla and Hacienda La Lomita wineries.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Hacienda La Lomita

While Hacienda La Lomita was my least favorite in terms of overall design (compared to the others on this list), they had my favorite wine out of all the Valle de Guadalupe wineries. I actually ended up purchasing a few different bottles because they were so good and mega inexpensive.

Both Hacienda La Lomita and Finca La Carodilla had really beautiful and unique bottle art which would be perfect for souvenirs, if you can keep yourself from drinking them.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Hacienda La Lomita

For more information about Hacienda La Lomita Click Here (Note: Their website is in Spanish and some of it does not Google translate).

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Hacienda La Lomita


I wasn’t aware until I started researching for this post, that the owner of Finca La Carodilla and Hacienda La Lomita are the same person; but now it makes total sense as to how they both ended up on this list.

Finca La Carodilla was hands down the most photogenic winery I visited while in Valle de Guadalupe. With it’s perfectly manicured outdoor patio, and a shrine to the Virgin of Carodilla at the end of the table, it’s traditionally beautiful with a splash of local flavor.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Finca La Carrodilla

La Finca Carodilla was the first of the Valle Guadalupe wineries to become organically certified. They use a method called Biodynamic Agriculture which utilizes organic farming methods and promotes the earth as a living and receptive organism.

Valle de Guadalupe Wineries - Finca La Carodilla

I highly recommend visiting Finca La Carodilla during golden hour (1-2 hours before sunset). It’s the perfect place to relax and long hard day of wine tasting.

For more information about Finca La Carodilla Click Here

Have you been to any Valle de Guadalupe wineries? Let me know which ones to check out next time!


Valle de Guadalupe Wineries

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