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A Guide to Discovering the Most Photogenic Notting Hill Houses

I’ve been to London a few times over the years, so on this visit I decided to skip the main tourist attractions and spend my days standing on stranger’s porches and taking photos of their homes.

Notting Hill is an affluent area best known for it’s colorful houses and Pinterest-worthy doors. You could spend hours here, zig zagging up streets, sipping tea and looking for Hugh Grant. Keep reading to follow my journey of discovering the most photo-worthy Notting Hill houses.

Since I’m not super familiar with Notting Hill, I used A Lady in London’s Self-Guided Walking Tour to give me a basic lay of the land. I did stray quite a bit from her directions, but enjoyed the parts I did follow. I recommend it if you want the full Notting Hill experience.

The Laslett

Right around the corner from the Notting Hill Gate tube stop, you’ll run into The Laslett hotel on Pembridge Gardens. At first glance, it doesn’t stand out too much, but I really love how the black and white duo chromatic color scheme looks in photos.

The Laslett, Notting HillAddress: 8 Pembridge Gardens, London W2 4DU

Portobello Road

Portobello Road is a goldmine for quintessential Notting Hill houses. Turning onto Portobello Rd from Pembridge Rd, you’ll immediately see the colorful shopfronts and cute boutiques. Keep walking up this road for awhile, taking in the picture perfect doors, flats and hidden mews.

Red Door, Notting HillAddress: 14 Portobello Rd, London W11 3DG 

Pink House, Notting HillAddress: 54 Portobello Rd, London W11 

This was one of my favorite Notting Hill houses. The red roses, blue wall and white trim are what Instagram dreams are made of.

The Prettiest Houses in Notting HillAddress: Simon Cl, London W11 3DJ

Colorful Portobello Road, Notting HillAddress: 84 Portobello Rd, London W11 2QD

Most tourists walk the length of Portobello Road, without straying much in either direction. While there are some cute shopfronts (definitely check out Biscuiteers Boutiques & Icing Cafés!) I didn’t love the vibe. I decided to go rogue and explore the roads a little less wandered.

Chepstow Villas

Right off of Portobello Rd on Chepstow Villas, is short row of colorful houses. I especially loved this pink one with the checkered walkway.

Address: 58 Chepstow Villas, London W11 2QX

Notting Hill Houses

On Denbigh Terrace there’s another row of colorful homes. Unfortunately, the cars parked directly in front of them made it difficult to get a good pic.

Address: 18 Denbigh Terrace, London W11 2QJ

After walking up Denbigh Terrace, I turned left on Denbigh Rd and ran into this matte black house, which I fell in love with. I would trade every pink and red door in the world for a matte black one. Love.

Matte Black House, Notting HillAddress: 6 Colville Rd, London W11 2BP

Right around the corner from the matte black house is this adorable pink one with lion’s face door knockers. It almost got lost amongst the construction going on around it. That’s the beauty of a photo though, you’d never know by looking at this, that there were 4 construction workers standing by, waiting for me to finish so they could walk past.

Pink House Notting Hill Address: 55 Lonsdale Rd, London W11 2BY

Lancaster Road

Lancaster Road has 2 rows of  brightly colored houses facing each other. On one side of the street, the houses were a bright and vibrant mixture of purple, blue, green and yellow. The other side had a deeper color palette with bright pops of lime green and ballet pink. I loved this street.

Lancaster Road, Notting Hill

Lancaster Road, Notting Hill

Lancaster Road, Notting HillAddress: 39 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QJ

St Lukes Mews

Just a short hop, skip and a jump from Lancaster Street you’ll find St. Luke’s Mews. You might recognize this mew from the cue card scene in Love Actually.

Address: 27 St Lukes Mews, London W11 1DF

Notting Hill Houses: St Luke's MewsAddress: 17 St Lukes Mews, London W11

Check out the map above to pin-point the exact location of any of these Notting Hill houses. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!


A Guide to Notting Hill's Most Instagrammable Houses

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  • Loving your blog, it’s very funny! I will use these tips/maps when I come to London next month as I’ve never been to Notting Hill before. Thanks! 👌😘🙌

    • mm

      I’m glad you found it helpful! Thank you so much for reading!


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