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Encuentro Guadalupe // A Modern Eco-Hotel in Mexico’s Wine Region

I’m a sucker for unique lodging (remember the time I found a fairy hut and almost froze to death in the Swedish Woods)?  Well, earlier this year a group of friends and I made the short drive down to Ensenada for a wedding in Valle de Guadalupe, and I discovered these rad eco lofts!  Encuentro Guadalupe is a unique winery, hotel and restaurant in Mexico’s wine region. Because the lofts aren’t suitable for groups, we ended up staying in an Airbnb, however I still toured the hotel for next time. When I return to Valle de Guadalupe, I plan to stay here and I’ll publish a review when I do! Keep reading for more photos and info about Encuentro Guadalupe .

Encuentro Guadalupe


Towards the north end of Valle de Guadalupe, 22 eco lofts sit perched on a hill. Architect Jorge Gracia designed the lofts to suspend out on the hill as not to disrupt the natural landscape; and from a distance, they look almost extraterrestrial.Encuentro Guadalupe Eco Huts

At 20 x 20 meters, the eco lofts at Encuentro Guadalupe are small and contain only the basic necessities. With that said, the amenities make it a far cry from roughing it (you still get wifi and room service.)

The hotel wants to inspire people to be one with nature so there are no TV’s in the room. Instead, take a seat on the terrace to watch the view or the stars.  Guests at Encuentro Guadalupe also have access to a private pool and bar, located up the hill near the lofts.

Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel in Valle de Guadalupe Encuentro Guadalupe in Valle de Guadalupe

Speaking of the hill.. The eco lofts sit above the winery and restaurant and they are only accessible via hotel shuttle. Since there are no phones in the rooms, guests are given a walkie talkie to communicate with the front desk. Whenever you need a shuttle, they’ll send it.

Encuentro Guadalupe Eco Loft Rooms

Fun Fact: Every room in Encuentro Guadalupe is white except for #13, which is all black.



If you’re not a guest at the hotel, you cannot visit the lofts but you can still check out the winery and restaurant. Encuentro Guadalupe has their own garden and many of the dishes on the menu are either grown on site or sourced from local farms.

Encuentro Guadalupe Restaurant

Encuentro Guadalupe Mexico Valle de Guadalupe

We had lunch plans at a different winery, but we obviously stayed for some wine tasting. The pours were closer to full glasses, which is always appreciated. Overall, neither one of us loved the wine, however the lively chat we had with the head wine maker (who was also pouring) more than made up for it.

Encuentro Guadalupe in Mexico Valle de Guadalupe | Wine Tasting

He seemed to have stumbled upon wine making after realizing he had an excess of grapes. He told us stories about his trial and error days (5 years ago), when he didn’t know how to keep the wine cool so he wrapped hoses filled with dry ice around the tanks. Nick and I have wine tasted all over the world (is this the most douchey sentence I’ve ever typed?) and this was the most relaxed tasting ever –  no fancy lingo, no rules.

If you’re a wine connoisseur, this particular stop might not be up your alley, but despite not liking any of the wine, we loved it and will definitely come back.

Encuentro Guadalupe Wine Cellar


Encuentro Guadalupe Mexico Valle de Guadalupe


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I contacted the hotel for a tour. Some of the links are affiliate links which means if you make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no added cost to you), which helps me to maintain my site 🙂

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