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Cuatro Cuatros // Cocktails, Sunsets and Sweeping Views in Ensenada

Cuatro Cuatros resides on 2,100 acres of nature between the vineyards and the ocean. They have a winery, hiking trails, a boutique hotel, and perched high on a cliff overlooking the Baja Coast, sits one of my favorite sunset bars. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt to get there but the views are so worth it. Keep reading for more information and photos of Cuatro Cuatros Bar Bura in Ensenada, Mexico.

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Cuatro Cuatros Cabanas

Getting to Cuatro Cuatros

Cuatro Cuatros is a 90 minute drive from San Diego and only 30 minutes from both Valle de Guadalupe and Ensenada. Getting there is not the easiest, but it is half the fun!

Ensenada Sunset Bar | Cuatro Cuatros

It’s located along Highway 1 and as you pass by, you’ll see a rock wall with the name written on it. Tell the security guard that you’re going to Bar Bura. A little ways after the entrance, you’ll pass a big abandoned boat on your left side. On the right, a man will be collecting the entrance fee ($5 USD per car). It seems weak to charge an entrance fee, especially considering the bar prices.. but what can you do..

Hotel Cuatro Cuatros Sunset Bar in Mexico

Best Sunset Bars / Ensenada, Mexico

After paying, veer to your right and continue up the bumpy, windy dirt road for what seems like forever. At the top of the hill you’ll see a big parking lot and if it’s busy, someone will tell you where to park. From there, you’ll wait for the shuttle bus down to the bar. Are you thirsty yet?

Pile in the pass van and rattle down another dirt road. Finally, you’ve arrived and you have earned your drinks.

Cuatro Cuatros Ensenada Mexico

Cuatro Cuatros Bar Bura

Cuatro Cuatros Bar Bura is located on the edge of a hill with nothing but Pacific Ocean in front of you. Get there early to grab a table (or a bale of hay) because open seats fill up quickly, especially on the weekends. The best seats require reservations on busy nights so call in advance if you want to ensure yourself a good spot.

Waiters will be walking around but you can also order at the bar, which is a lot quicker.

Cuatro Cuatros Baja California Since it was a wine themed weekend, we ordered a bottle of rosé one night and a red the next. They didn’t have any wine options from their own winery, which seemed like an odd choice on their part. Cuatro Cuatros Wine Bar

Cuatro Cuatros Cabanas in Ensenada Mexico

Obviously, I also had to try the micheladas, and they were amazing. However, the price tag ($10!) deterred us from ordering another. That’s the only thing about Cuatro Cuatros, the prices are definitely on the more expensive side for the area.

Cuatro Cuatros Micheladas in Mexico

The service was good but a little unorganized and we actually ended up getting charged for someone else’s bill which was considerably more expensive. Unfortunately, by the time we converted the pesos and realized the mistake, we were already in the car.

Cuatro Cuatros Bar in Ensenada

Cuatro Cuatros Mexico

The View at Cuatro Cuatros

The best reason to trek to Cuatro Cuatros is for the view. The coastline stretches out endlessly in both directions and the scenery looks similar to Northern California and Big Sur. As always, I recommend you go during sunset when the colors are the prettiest, and you can watch the sun sink beneath the ocean.

Cuatro Cuatros View | Baja California, Mexico

Cuatro Cuatros Valle De Guadalupe

Tip: Make sure to check out the restrooms! The stalls all have open backs with perfect views.

Cuatro Cuatros Bar Bathroom

Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros

Down the hill from Bar Bura is Cuatro Cuatros’ boutique hotel, Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros. 14 glamping tents are nestled among the vineyards; and similar to Encuentro Guadalupe, it was built with the intent of combining luxury with landscape.


cuatro cuatros hotel

Cuatro Cuatros Sunset Bar in Mexico


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