La Isla De Los Monos, peru, South America

Meet Melita

Melita, a Monk Saki,was the baby of the island before Neeko arrived earlier this week.. and she definitely plays the part. She needs to be attached to something (preferably you) at all times because she scares easily. Sometimes she plays by herself when we are sorting beans, but she always…

eco travel, La Isla De Los Monos, peru, South America

Meet Antony

Antony is a crazy three year-old spider monkey and he has the biggest personality on La Isla de Los Monos. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t see him lumbering through the trees and think “what is Antony up to now?!” He was the first monkey…

iquitos, peru, South America

Exploring Belén Market

Today we ran errands with Gilberto in order to make sure we have all the food and supplies necessary to stay on the island for the next week. Because we are vegetarian, we needed different items than he’s used to buying. I don’t think many people know what it means…

iquitos, peru, South America

hello, iquitos

Flying into the Amazon Rainforest is the newest highlight of my life! As far out as you could see, there was vivid green.. with the exception of the massive river snaking its way through the dense blanket of trees. The river. The one I’ve waited my whole life to see Gilberto met…