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Meet Kamoon

Kamoon is one of the three original elephants at Elephant’s World. She’s easy to tell apart from the others because she is the fattest lady at the sanctuary.

Kamoon is 64 years old and she spent her childhood begging for food in Bangkok and Phuket.

Asia eco travel kanchanaburi thailand

Meet Songkran

Songkran is the second oldest elephant at Elephant’s World (74 years old) and she’s had a very hard life. She worked at trekking camps for 70 years, giving tourists rides. When she became too weak to work, her owner decided to donate her to Elephant’s World.

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24 Hours in Bangkok

After 20 hours in the air, I’ve finally made it to Bangkok!I made sure to get out the door as early as possible this morning to give myself time to explore. With only a day in the city, I decided to narrow down my options and see the most popular sights, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.